About Jorgi

Hey Ya'll! 

I am from Indiana and am a freshman at Indiana University with a major in Interior Design and a minor in Entrepreneurship (hopefully by the time I am done with college, spelling "entrepreneurship" will be a no-brainer!).

People have always asked me where I get my clothing, how I do my hair and makeup, and where I get my inspiration from. That, on top of feeling like I was being called to this and seeing a need for a blog that was made by a very imperfect girl for what I like to call "real" girls I decided to put myself out there and create Primped and Glittered.

Like most college girls, I have a tight budget but love dressing up. This blog will hopefully help my girls out with finding stores or outfit combinations that are affordable and adorable. I'm going to be honest with you, I have thin hair, not-so-white teeth, thunderthighs, and a problem with slouching of which you will probably see if you browse a little bit, but I know that I cannot be perfect.

However there is something I love even more than fashion-- God. He is my Savior, King, Father, and Lover. Because of this it only seemed natural to include scripture, praises, and thought provoking material.

Thank you for visiting and taking part of my life! I hope I can help and if you have any questions contact me at jorgi.klockow@gmail.com

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