Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Little Sass Sunday

{Dress: Target; Blazer: Forever 21; Heels: Target; Necklace: Walmart}

I had to wear something that matched this beautiful day so I picked out this amazing teal lace dress and added some layers with a loose black blazer. Chilly weather gave me a great excuse to wear black tights, which I have missed oh so dearly! The look is finished off with pointed red heels that bring some sass to the girly lace and a gorgeous pearl necklace topped it all off. Plus you will never guess where I got the necklace-- Wal-Mart! And for only $7 I think it beats Tiffany's Ziegfeld Pearl Tassel Necklace look alike that is nearly $1,300.

{ It got a little windy!}

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